Vacation Tree LLC is a corporate entity that deals with the rental and sale of vacation homes and timeshares. Headed by Robert Sussman, Vacation Tree LLC began nearly a decade ago and filed its presence in California with the California Secretary of State. The foreign listing of the company is due to its presence in other states and not particularly due to its operations outside continental US.

Vacation Tree has been instrumental in helping people to list and sell their timeshare properties by advertising in major forums. Vacation Tree LLC handles all the advertisement and sale of the property for a small price calculated on a per deed basis. This helps the buyer stay clear of all the hassles involved in actually listing and selling a timeshare property.

Robert Sussman believes in a fair price guarantee and he has always had a transparency in the deals the companies under him offer. Vacation Tree offers to buy the timeshare property of the customer who listed it, after the period of listing, if no other buyer is interested. The fair price is calculated based on two important factors – the value of the timeshare property or vacation home, and the current market rate based on the trends in real estate.

Robert Sussman led vacation tree has broken all negative reviews with the positive testimonials from satisfied customers who had sold their out of the way timeshare properties for good value. The company operates out of El Cajon, CA and has based its offices right in this location. But the deals with the properties cover the entirety of the continental United States overall.

Vacation Tree and Robert Sussman have been targeted by maligning reports that speak about fraudulent practices. However, the fact is they are actually fabricated by those who have negative intentions against the company and the individual.

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All the business rivals of Mr. Sussman are spreading lies about his involvement in vacation tree fraud as they can’t compete with him in providing high-class services at such low prices. The official vacation tree website is full of customers who have benefitted through his telemarketing team and Mr. Robert Sussman. These customers can vouch for him and his organization’s effort in bringing happiness in their lives.

Robert Sussman’s work expertise

Vacation Tree is a business which is very close to his heart. Robert Sussman’s company vacation tree find customers through their team via various call centers which they own center in Las Vegas (off Flamingo Rd) and one in El Cajon, CA (Near San Diego). Their fully trained team of professionals provide people ‘packages’ according to their need and help out people in need. After the customers have chosen a ‘package’ of their liking, they are sent a package to sign and return in order to list their ads.

His company charges a nominal fee in the range of $500 to $1500 for posting these ads in various newspapers like LA Times, NY Times, and dozens of other papers around the country for the timeshare sale,. After that, they wait for a proposal which is suitable to the customer’s aspiration and needs. If everything goes according to plan they give a go-ahead to the deal. If they are unable to sell your property in the said time, they buy the property from you at “Fair Market Value”.

Robert Sussman’s Business Ventures –

This 60 years old businessman who lives in Las Vegas, Nevada owns

  • LasVegasEventsAndShows.com
  • DiscountTown.com
  • vacationtree.com

Why People Are Spreading Lies About Mr. Robert Sussman

There are a few people who want to tarnish Mr. Robert Sussman’s image by spreading lies about his involvement in vacation tree fraud. Well that’s not the case. Mr. Sussman is the perfect example of a hardworking American who reached at the top of his game through his will power and dedication. He is an example of your realization of the “American Dream”.


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